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This was Finn’s favorite song. They’re singing all of his favorite songs.

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I’m only slightly emotional right now. And by that, I mean that I am VERY emotional. #goodbyeohio #glee #nomorechoirroom

wow. goodbye choir room. 

no matter how much everyone says they hate the Lima side of Glee and how excited we all are for New York, this is pretty heartbreaking. this has been the literal heart of the show for almost five years and so much has happened here, so it’d definitely have to be of some significance to everyone on/who watches the show. bye bye, choir room… :(

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I’m kinda hoping next season Kurt will start like a Madonna cover band.

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"open your heart to me, baby, i hold the lock and-"


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Fangirl Challenge: [1/10] TV Shows | Glee

↳ “One day, all of you are going to be gone. And all of this, all of us will be nothing but a hazy memory. It will take you a second to remember everyone’s name. Someone will have to remind you of the songs we sung, the solos you got or didn’t get. Life only really has one beginning and one end, and the rest is just a whole lot of middle.”

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Thank you for everything, Finn Hudson.

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