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@chriscolfer: I’m LOVING all the new art from page! It makes me super excited for #TLOS3! Going to share a few of my favorites…

some watercolor Kurt scetches, don’t mind me

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the person that gets to see kurt hummel like this every morning is so lucky bye

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Merry Christmas guys!^^

p.s. Here’s bigger unanimated version :3

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badboy kurt doesn’t give a fuuuck

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"Chris" created on behalf of Chris Colfer Army for FACES, who’ve partnered with Karyn Colfer and NYU FACES to raise awareness for epilepsy research and care. For more information on how to donate toward this incredible cause, please visit their project page. <3 (As a humble thank you, limited prints of this drawing will be gifted to donors of $10 or more through the month of December while supplies last. For instructions on how to receive a print, please click here.)